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Воскресенье, 22 Апреля 2007 г. 23:12 + в цитатник
status of ICQ: Do I love You? I don't know... I know nothing and it is very bad (((

******** (22:58:39 22/04/2007)
Why are you feel so bad?

lexincorp (22:59:14 22/04/2007)
because my life isn't so simple....

lexincorp (22:59:50 22/04/2007)
and I don't understand Life inside me, my feelings, wishes and all in myself

******** (23:00:22 22/04/2007)
And u thought that it is easy to love?

lexincorp (23:01:04 22/04/2007)
to love is easy...
and to understand that you really love... and whom do you love - it is hard....

lexincorp (23:02:01 22/04/2007)
maybe I still love her.... her name was I**...
yes , maybe it is still so ((

lexincorp (23:02:45 22/04/2007)
sometimes I'm crying because of my thoughts....

lexincorp (23:03:00 22/04/2007)
I don't know what to do....

******** (23:03:26 22/04/2007)
U should understand that your life won't be the same always....everythin will change...and may be these changes will come soon...

******** (23:03:49 22/04/2007)
at the moment when you don't expect them...

********(23:04:40 22/04/2007)
but you should remember that crying is nit the solution of the problem...

******** (23:04:45 22/04/2007)

lexincorp (23:05:21 22/04/2007)
I didn't expect Alexandra in my life, I didn't expect you...
but all these events happened...they gave me hope and good mood for some time....
I thought that I'll be happy....

lexincorp (23:05:36 22/04/2007)
but only for some time....
now all is returning

lexincorp (23:06:31 22/04/2007)
> but you should remember that crying is nit the solution of the problem...
I know it.
I'm cruing not in order to solve or to help somehow myself...
I'm crying because of the World inside me

******** (23:06:45 22/04/2007)
I think that the person shouldn't close himself......

******** (23:07:27 22/04/2007)
I've cried because of only two times in my life.....

******** (23:07:51 22/04/2007)
*because of love...

******** (23:08:15 22/04/2007)
And now I understand that I was not right.....

lexincorp (23:11:10 22/04/2007)
may be...
all of us make efforts...
previous generations made them... but there is no exit still....
because the man is such an organism, that it should try everything himself...
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I_make_u_love_me   обратиться по имени Вторник, 24 Апреля 2007 г. 16:44 (ссылка)
That's clever.=)
but really i understand you cause i felt the same 3 months ago..
But now...
I mean,don't worry.It's just life.Your life.
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