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GRANDIZER - Technical Data

Воскресенье, 17 Июня 2007 г. 11:49 + в цитатник
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Grandizer is probably the most powerful of the Force Five super robots. The versatility of the saucer unit for aerial manuevers, its terrestrial agility, and its impressive array of weapon systems, makes Grandizer one of the most effective super robots around.
Grandizer Weapon Systems
Space Thunder
This is Grandizer's most powerful energy weapon. Basicaly, a lightning bolt comes from the sky to Grandizer's horns and is then projected at an enemy. Since Grandizer's head is exposed while in saucer mode, this attack can be used in that mode as well.
Shoulder Boomerangs
The two crecent shaped objects on Grandizer's shoulders can be fired at at enemy, slicing through its armor, and then return to Grandizer's shoulders, hence the name boomerangs. Although they don't do an incredible amount of damage, they often help Grandizer get out of a tight spot when he is constrained and can't use his other weapons.
Double Sickle
By far the coolest mellee weapon of the Force Five robots. The two shoulder boomerangs extend from Grandizer's shoulders with handles attatched to them. They are then joined to form a two handed halberd type weapon. It can be used in hand to hand combat and it can be thrown with incredible destructive force, slicing and enemy to pieces. I've even heard of Grandizer using the two halves of the double sickle separately like a Japanese pair of Kama, although I don't recall seeing that particular episode.
Screw Pressure Punch
A slight enhancement to the traditional projectile forearm attack, the sawtooth pattern on Grandizer's forearms flips to extend over its hands and rotates while the whole forearm is rocketing towards the enemy, drilling through its armor.
Hand Beams
Fires three red beams from each hand. Although not the most powerful of Grandizer's energy weapons, they seemed to require less recharge time, and can be fired quickly when needed. They can also be used while in saucer mode.
Rainbow Beam
Fires a multi-colored beam at the enemy that acts as a repulsor ray, helping Grandizer get out of tight spots.
Dizer Kick
A standard kick attack used effectively by Grandizer.
Spacer Weapon Systems
The saucer unit, called the Spacer, makes Grandizer an extremely versatile fighting machine. It gives Grandizer the ability to fly, even in space. When in the saucer mode, Orion sits in a cockpit towards the tail of the saucer. When he wants to separate from the saucer unit his seat moves from the saucer cockpit to a cockpit in the head of Grandizer. Even while separated from the saucer unit, Orion can simultaneous control both Grandizer and the Spacer, effectively giving him the tactical advantage of having two attack positions at the same time. Often he will be engaged with an enemy robot, and will have the spacer come up from behind an open fire.
Spin Saucers
The two disks on either side of the spacer unit project a ring of spinning blades and are fired at enemy vessels. This attack is most often used to destroy Vegan saucers.
Spin Drills
The disk used in the spin saucer attack remain fixed to the spacer unit, and fire a volley a spinning, cone-shaped projectiles
Hydro Phasers
This is the spacer's energy weapon. It fires two blue beams at the enemy. This is the only weapon on the spacer unit which is used to attack enemy robots.
Anti Radar Mist
Orion can release a red mist from the rear of the saucer unit that blocks radar and masks his location, allowing him to escape undetected from an enemy.
Spacer 2 Weapon Systems
The saucer unit was later replaced by a wing like unit that attatched to Grandizer's back, called Spacer 2. The reason this was created was that Professor Valconian realized that during the launch of Grandizer from the saucer unit, Grandizer was vulnerable to attack for about eight seconds. (maybe is Orion's seat didn't spin around 50 times during this process it wouldn't take so long) The wing separated from Grandizer in a fraction of this time. Most of the time it was piloted by Lance, although I also recall it being piloted once or twice by Brenda as well.
Fusion Beam
A twin beam of high energy plasma, more powerful than the Spacer 1 Hydrophasers
Magna Knives
Similar to the spin saucer attack, only this weapon fired a pair of electromagnetically charged projectiles
Vegan Saucer Robots
The Vegan Saucer Robots were the standard mecha which Grandizer had to fight every week. There were three basic types of saucer robots. The first type merely used a saucer as transport from the Vegan mother ship to earth. Once it landed, the saucer opened up and released the robot to do battle with Grandizer. Once released, the robot had no further need for the saucer. The second type remained attatched to the robot at all times. The robot had its limbs contained in the saucer during transport, and could extend its limbs from the saucer like a turtle in its shell. The third type had two halves of the saucer attatched to the robot's arms like shields. The robot could close the the two halves at will to enter the saucer mode, or separate them for the robot mode. This was the type of saucer robot piloted by Gorman when he was sent to destroy Grandizer.

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